Prime Home Equity, LLC FAQs

Below are typical questions we receive regarding the service we do at Prime Home Equity, LLC and the properties we offer on this website:

Q: Why are the properties offered at such a discounted rate, and why not keep them to yourself?

A: Considering our exclusive and in-depth marketing systems, the properties on this site are priced 20-50% below market value. We use our specialized marketing approach to connect with homeowners who need to sell their property. They may be in foreclosure, and Prime Home Equity, LLC can purchase the property through a quick cash sale. All parties, including you, win when we pass along the deals to you.

Q: What is the difference between the properties on the MLS and those listed on your site?

A: Most of the properties on our site are off-market gems that never make it to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). We work directly with homeowners to solve their problems quickly and effectively without acquiring costs associated with the MLS.

Q: Can these properties be purchased using bank financing?

A: Primarily, we work with cash buyers who can close quickly. But, if you have a lender pre-approval and can close quickly, we will consider all offers. 

Have you located property on our site and need financing to complete the purchase? CONTACT US today, and we can connect you with preferred lenders in our network.

Q: What is the process to make an offer on a property on this site?

A: It’s Simple. Click here and send us an email or call us at 813-461-5174. All offers are based on a first-come, first serve basis, and an earnest money deposit must accompany the offer on the property. Feel free to bring all questions to ensure you are 100% comfortable and knowledgeable of the process. For the quickest response, contact us by phone.

How often do you update the properties on the site?

A: We continuously source new investment properties and update our site often. Keep an active check on the site as our properties sell quickly.

Q: What fees are associated with buying and selling a home with you?

A: We do not charge fees to help homeowners find a solution. We acquire properties at a price that’s a win for all parties involved. Securing an investment property from us means purchasing at an extreme discount, and we add in an assignment fee for locating and negotiating the deal. You still receive a discounted deal—a win for all properties.

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