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We are the premier real estate wholesaling source for Tacoma, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Seattle & Richmond in locating prime investment and below-retail value properties. We continuously acquire new properties and keep available inventory.

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The Asset Acquisitions Team

Prime Home Equity, LLC

Who We Are

Real estate has ample purchase opportunities, and some companies always have firsthand access to acquiring properties at great deals. We are one of those companies. We assist investors just like you to preserve your cash reserves and grow the cash flow of your business by snapping up great deals on investment properties in the Tacoma, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Seattle & Richmond areas.

What is The Process We keep it simple because it is.

Our company has invested years in mastering how to market wholesale real estate properties, and we have cracked the code. We locate below-market value rate properties in Tacoma, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Seattle & Richmond and offer them at highly discounted rates.


Investment Properties in Tacoma, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Seattle & Richmond Under $200K

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How Do We Locate These Deals?

The market is filled with many great deals. And you may have learned that the investors with meat marketing tactics, operating systems, and robust networks acquire those deals before others have the chance to know about them. We are those wholesale investors.

With us, you have access to

How Do We Acquire The Best Deals?

We’ve invested years in perfecting our marketing systems, creating a consistent flow of highly discounted and distressed properties: foreclosure properties and other types of real estate.

Our marketing is highly visible around the Tacoma, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Seattle & Richmond areas.

We have invested in a multi-thousand dollar effort in honing and refining a practical market approach which has proved successful in our wholesale investment business. You will benefit from our investment research by joining our Preferred Buyers network and allowing us to send you the best deals.

Why You Should Partner With Us

We have completed the legwork to ensure a continuous stream of highly discounted deals. We have an overflow of exceptional deals (properties 30 to 50% under market value). It’s impossible to acquire AND keep them all. We are a master at finding excellent properties, but keeping them is not our forte. 🙂

That’s where you shine.

Real Estate Investors Looking For Rentals

Are you a real estate investor searching for high-value rental properties that you can cash flow or distressed gems to rehab and resell? We can find those properties for you.

It’s simple. Tell us your buying criteria, and we will complete a customized search for properties within your criteria—100% of our locating efforts are available to you at no charge. We only collect an assignment fee after you close one of our properties.

Homeowners Searching For A Discounted Home for a Primary Residence

Real estate investors purchase the bulk of our homes. But, we also work with homeowners. Are you looking for a primary residence? You are in the right place! Get on the Preferred Buyers List and move quickly on the home that catches your eye. Cash or hard money only!

We offer great houses at deep discounts, so they go quickly. Secure your pre-approval with your preferred lender before making an offer. We can also help you with your pre-approval process. 

Our focus is on our expertise in acquiring prime property at great deals, marketing, and providing those deals to investors and homeowners like you at discounted rates.  

We are committed to our goals, just like you, and that shared commitment makes us the best company to partner with.